Development and Design

It isn't impossible to get Developers and Designers to work in parallel. It's Imp.Blue

Figma to generated components for React and React-Native. Full isolation of graphics workflow from development.

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Speaking the Same Language

Designs and Developers have always struggled with trying to speak the same language. This plugin helps to bridge that gap and provides both sides with the ability to understand what is needed.

Working Together


This program takes the guess work out of recreating the design. Just pull the published document, plug in the designs and go! 


Takes away the headache of going back and forth with the developer. Just create your designs and hit publish! The Developer will get everything they need.

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We are incredibly excited to get the plugin out and into our customers hands, and are very close to finishing up the final touches! If you are interested on hearing more information on when it will be available, shoot us an email.

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